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RTS Tube Door Closer

The RTS Tube Door Closer provides an elegant, discrete solution to gate closure. This closer is a concealed design that fits within the structure of the gate, only the joint between closer and gate post is visible once installed.

As well as being unobtrusive, the concealed installation ensures maximum protection from the elements and helps guard against vandalism. Virtually invisible and with hydraulic damping and adjustable closing speed, the closer will gracefully close your gates without compromising their appearance. These gates usually do not have a frame above the door where the operating lever of a normal overhead door closer fits. Furthermore the concealed fitting protects the door closer from atmospheric conditions and against vandalism. This gate closer is particularly suitable for aluminium and steel doors/ gates. Additionally, it can fit into the profile of an existing door. For flush wooden doors with minimum 40 mm thickness, a tube door closer with special fitting plates are available. Due to its flexible abrasion-proof plastic joint, this product can applied to different hinges. Depending on the hinges, the doors/gates can open to 180°


The tube door closer inserts into the door and connects to the counter-plate by an elastic joint with integrated steel ropes. When the door is opened the joint pulls out and the closing spring inside the RTS is tensioned. The hydraulic damping cylinder situated within the middle of the tube door closer controls the closing speed.


Surface mounted, easy installation, economical solution, for gates up to 100 Kg, up to 110 degree opening, hydraulic damping and adjustable closing speed.


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