Fire Door Operator Applications

Fire Door Control Applications

Fire door control solutions offer hold open systems for when it isn't safe for normal components. We also supply smoke and heat detectors.  If you would like to receive more information about any of our products or if you have an enquiry that you would like to discuss in detail please contact us. Likewise, if you're a recent customer, we'd love to see images of our products installed, you can send us an email here!

New Hold-Open Systems for Safety of Building and People

In the Oranien School fire doors are installed between the staircase and the respective hallways leading to the classrooms. So not to hinder the free access to the classrooms during normal school, electromagnets keep them open. When an alarm sounds the power supply of the magnets cuts and the doors close. These are controlled by connected smoke detectors.

DICTATOR offers special fire protection workshops. Here the participants are imparted all the necessary knowledge about the general regulations and the corresponding DICTATOR products. After having passed the workshop, the participants receive a certificate which entitles them to mount, place into operation and maintain DICTATOR hold-open systems. Read more

Ex-Proof Hold-Open Systems Made by DICTATOR

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Robust and resistant hold-open systems in schools

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