Door Interlock Solutions

Door interlock systems

Dictator door interlocking control systems are reliable and user-friendly

Door interlocking control systems are simple to install and don't require complicated programming or computer control. In spite of the simplicity of the system it is flexible enough to provide the solution to complex installations. Dictator door interlock systems make it possible to enter certain rooms independently of other doors. Our locking systems have a modular structure which means they are extremely flexible and adaptable. Furthermore, the interlock systems can be mounted easily without needing specialists.

Peripheral System

The Peripheral System is extremely flexible and can be extended to include additional doors at any time.  This system allows for complex special functions and it can be fitted to doors that are far apart.

Central System

This central system is suitable for a maximum of 5 doors. The central system has a maximum cable length of 15 m and a terminal depth of 27 mm.

Switch Box System

The components of the terminals are mounted in an off-the shelf switch box system SP. Used with central controller, electric connection to be provided by the customer.

Additional Components

Bar Magnets

Bar magnets offer a great range of applications in combination with the DICTATOR interlock control system. They can be applied to doors in escape routes and everywhere where there are needed high holding forces.

Door Locks

Along with the bar magnets we offer several other locking devices. These include TVR door locking systems and electric strikes both of which cater for different applications.

Access Control System

Our interlock control systems can be supplemented by adding an access control panel to ensure more security upon entry. This component helps to meet increasing safety, hygiene, clean-room etc. standards.

Power Supplies

Dictator safety devices work with either 24 VDC or 12 VDC power supply. A range of transformers with different capacities are available to convert supply from mains voltage. Emergency power supply units are also available.