Door & Gate Operators

Door & Gate Operators

Dictator Specialises in Door and Gate Operators and Other Applications in Need of Motorization

Dictator specialises in the supply of drive equipment for doors, gates and other applications which require automation. The standard products described in our catalogue are very flexible when it comes to installation which enables them to provide solutions to a wide range of applications. Additionally, for requirements that fall outside the scope of our normal range we can also develop bespoke solutions and packages.

We are usually able to recommend a door drive system to specifically meet customer requirements and relevant standards. Contact us for technical advice and guidance – we’ll be happy to help. Furthermore we're also happy to provide detailed information and CAD drawings for the different operating systems to enable inclusion in schematic drawings.

Example installations for our door and gate operators are wide ranging and include shop entrance doors, double leaf sliding doors and automated protection shutters.

Operators for Sliding Doors

To create sliding movements Dictator provides operators functioning with three-phase current as well as with direct current. Our sliding door operators are particularly suited to industrial applications.

Operators for Hinged Doors

DICTATOR operators for rotating movements stand out because they are appropriate for a multitude of also complex applications. There will be a solution even for especially large and/or heavy doors and gates.

Control Systems

The DICTATOR control systems offer a large variety of possible functions. They can meet all customer's requirements from simple opening/closing movements to a very complex installation control.

Safety and Operating Equipment

The DICTATOR operator product line is completed by a large choice of safety and operating elements. For every application you will find the corresponding components.