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Hydraulic Dampers Applications

Our hydraulic dampers have a large number of applications, we also produce custom final and oil dampers which can be manufactured in small batches and single units. If you would like to receive more information about any of our products or if you have an enquiry that you would like to discuss in detail please contact us. Likewise, if you're a recent customer, we'd love to see images of our products installed, you can send us an email here!

Radial Dampers Make Sure Sliding Gates on Sloping Sites Presents no Risks

Radial dampers make sure that sliding gates never travel at a dangerous speed, also in the event of the gate drive failing.

Usually sliding gates on inclines are equipped with an operator as their opening. Depending on the incline of the site, it sometimes requires quite some effort to open and it would be difficult to do it manually. The drive unit provides a safe and reliable opening and closing of the gate.

 The DICTATOR radial damper with toothed wheel follows along every gate movement and, in case the gate drive doesn’t work, ensures a smooth and controlled closing speed.  Read more


Oil Dampers Lift Heavy Machine Flaps

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Hydraulic damper in industrial application

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