Gate Closers

Gate closers

Dictator Gate Closers Ensure Safe and Efficient Closure 

Dictator Gate Closers are well engineered and reliable ensuring that pedestrian access gates close automatically with the minimum of fuss or complication. The smooth closing action prevents slam, eliminates unwelcome noise and above all helps prevent injury or damage. Hydraulic damping ensures that gates will not bounce back from the closed position enabling mag-locks to reliably secure the gate. The range is split into three types: the DIREKT, the RTS and the ADAPT-A-GATE. Each with a selection of fitting and finish options available. On all of these products the closing speed is adjustable to site conditions. Even when set to the slowest closing speed the gate will close safely and reliably. For more information click here

Our products provide a solution for internal and external doors when more traditional gate closers struggle to perform due to space restrictions.



Gate Closer DIREKT

DIREKT closers are surface mounted for easy installation. They are an economical solution for gates up to 100 kg. This closer allows opening up to 110 degrees and the hydraulic damping provides a smooth controlled closing action. The DIREKT closer also offers adjustable closing speed.

Tube Door Closer RTS

The Tube Door Closer offers discreet and unobtrusive concealed installation, ideal for gate fabricators. This product offers 90-180 degree opening for gates up to 80 Kg. Hydraulic Damping creates a smooth closing with adjustable closing speed.


The Adapt-A-Gate is a robust construction which is vandal and tamper resistant. This product will fit most gates up to 80 Kg.

The Adapt-A-Gate offers 90-180 degree opening. As with all our gate closers, the Adapt-A-Gate offers smooth closing due to the hydraulic damping and has the option of adjustable closing speed.