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Door Interlock System Applications

Door Interlock Systems have a wide range of applications, especially in specialist clinical environments. Dictator interlock systems make it possible to enter certain rooms independently of other doors. If you would like to receive more information about any of our products or if you have an enquiry that you would like to discuss in detail please contact us. Likewise, if you're a recent customer, we'd love to see images of our products installed, you can send us an email here!

Germ Free Medication From Hospital's Pharmacy

In the University Clinical Centre St. Pölten in Lower Austria the highest cleanliness and hygiene requirements are necessary for the production of drugs, especially for cytostatic solutions.

In the distribution centre there are 7 interlock systems with a total of 24 doors. The control of the door relations functions without any PLC control system, and are exclusively executed by the DIP switches in the control terminal on each door, which are very easy to program. The interlock system includes some designated emergency doors. On these doors, DICTATOR emergency exit terminals tested according to EltVTR were installed, which, in addition to the functions of the interlock control system, also ensure a safe emergency escape.

The time control unit of the DICTATOR door interlock systems asures that, in the changing rooms and in the disinfection interlocks, the exit doors only open after an adjustable time. Read more

Clean Room Areas Equipped with Interlock Control System

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Training Interlock System at University

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Flexible Interlock Control System Without PLC Control System

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