End Fittings & Mounting Brackets

End Fittings & Brackets

Dictator Gas Springs are manufactured in only 5 working days

Dictator are proud to manufacture Gas Springs in the UK

Bespoke Range allows infinite variation of lengths, fittings and forces

Our range of 50N - 20,000N ensures the perfect force for your application

Our design service calculates the best gas spring for your application

At Dictator we offer a multitude of gas spring end fittings and accessories perfect for your solution, but the most frequently used end fitting is the eyelet. We also offer mounting devices for this end fitting.An inappropriate fixing can become dangerous therefore, a safe and correct fixing is vitally important for a long operational life of Dictator gas springs. 

The end fittings and mounting brackets used will depend on the installation location and position of the gas spring. Paramount to the gas springs application are accesorices that compliment the force of the gas spring.

It is also important, both when choosing the end fittings and the mounting brackets, that they are not fixed too rigidly and the fixings allow freedom of motion that is necessary.

We are more than happy to assist you and our technical service will gladly help you in choosing the appropriate accessories. 

 Gas springs end fittings and mounting brackets. The safe and correct fixing is vitally important for the perfect functioning and a long operational life

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