Push Type Gas Springs


DICTATOR high-performance push type gas springs make life easier.

They counterbalance heavy loads and support them once lifted. They operate smoothly and help to prevent operator strain and damage to equipment.

Possible applications are infinitely variable so we don't manufacture standard gas springs. Instead we speedily manufacture gas springs that precisely match the demands of your requirements, ensuring that our gas springs provide optimum performance.

Dictator are pleased to offer a technical calculation service to establish a suitable specification for your application. In many cases we can supply sample gas springs for test and evaluation prior to full batch manufacture.

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Push Type Gas Springs

Dictator Gas Springs are manufactured in only 5 working days

Dictator are proud to manufacture Gas Springs in the UK

Bespoke Range allows infinite variation of lengths, fittings and forces

Our range of 50N - 20,000N ensures the perfect force for your application

Our design service calculates the best gas spring for your application