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HAWGOOD Swing Door Hinges

Dictator HAWGOOD hinges ensure a safe and controlled closing of swing doors. They swiftly and reliably return the swing door to the closed position, considerably reducing noise. We supply hinges for a wide variety of applications. These include small swing doors in counters, as well as large heavy-duty swing doors in trucks or machinery.

When the door opens the door leaf swings away from the frame due to the special design of the hinge "shoe." This means the hinge does not reduce the clear width of the opening and only a small gap remains
between the door leaf and frame when the door is closed. The hinges come in different sizes to fit different doors (thickness of door leaf, weight etc.).

Different finishes and materials are available for every requirement, as well as completely rustproof models. All our products offer the same standard of quality. Contact us today to discuss your solution. For more information on our HAWGOOD Swing Door Hinges see our international site.

Our hinges have a long operational life and require little maintenance

Different finishes and materials available to fit your solution

Suitable for a variation of weights as well as bespoke solutions

Our three variations of hinges allow for a wide range of swing doors. Our 41/42k hinges close doors up to 40 mm thick and up to 60kg, however this can be adjusted and extended to your specific requirements if you have a larger door. If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

HAWGOOD Swing Door Hinges

 4K/4500 Swing Door Hinges

 For doors 19 – 30 mm thick and up to 26 kg

40K/41K Swing Door Hinges

For doors up to 50 kg and 35/40 mm thick

 41/42 Swing Door Hinges

For doors 40 mm thick and up to 60 kg +