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DICTATOR Door Checks

Door Checks: the original Dictator product from 1932. Highest quality from our Dutch production, they guarantee life long faultless service. We have a vast range of models suitable for every installation solution. We will gladly assist you in finding the perfect model and fitting for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Door Checks intercept a closing doors and gently guides them closed quietly and securely. Ensuring that loud slamming doors close without a bang and that doors close properly every time, they provide reassurance.

They can be fitted to front doors and entrance doors as well as fire doors to ensure doors shut securely in air locks. Other popular applications are doors in hotels and restaurants to reduce noise for guests and walk in fridges.

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No more noisy slamming doors

Securely pulls doors shut and keeps them closed

Individual and personalised technical advice

How Do Door Checks Work?

  1. They are mounted in the upper center of the door. The hook is placed above the damper on the door frame. The hook pushes the roller leaver downwards when the door opens which tensions the spring.
  2. When closing the roller lever moves upwards and the door is hydraulically dampened. Door checks feature progressive damping.
  3. Finally, the door damper draws the door completely shut and the force of the spring keeps it closed.
HAWGOOD Swing Door Hinges

Door Checks Standard Model for Hinged Doors

VS 2000

Sleek yet robust design model with cased hook.

V 1600

Versatile model with encased cylinder

Z 1000

The affordable basic model with visible cylinder

R 1400

For mounting on the push side of the door

Door Checks Special Model for Hinged Doors



H 1300

With reinforced joint for particularly heavy doors


Our smallest model for small hinged doors

Door Dampers for Sliding Doors



Z 1100

Affordable basic model for lightweight sliding doors

V 1600

Model with encased cylinder and mounting plate for sliding doors

Not sure what product is right for you? We'll be happy to advise you, just contact us!