'Wow Factor' car doors made possible with Dictator Gas Springs.

Paul McKenzie, proud owner of an exceptional Toyota MR2, has spent a huge amount of time and effort creating his dream car.

But the lack of suitable gas springs brought one of his most significant ideas to an abrupt halt.

The first gas springs he installed had been supplied by another manufacturer and didn't provide the balance and opening angle that Paul needed in order to make his dramatic Gull Wing doors work in the way that he intended.

After almost giving up on his idea, Paul contacted Dictator and explained his requirements. Following this initial consultation Dictator were able to provide powerful, compact Gas Springs which provided maximum travel from the shortest possible compressed length.

The new Dictator Gas Springs provided a much improved opening angle for the doors. Following a period of testing an adjustment to the force of the Gas Springs was made in order to provide the perfect balance of control.

Paul is delighted with the outcome and considers this to be the high point of the project. He takes great delight from seeing peoples reaction when the doors are opened!

The results speak for themselves and illustrate that Dictator can provide solutions for even the most unusual and demanding requirement.

Dictator Gas Springs Create Wow Factor Car       car