Fire Door Operators


For decades fire door solutions have been one of DICTATOR's core areas of expertise.

Dictator offer a wide range of different operators for both new and already installed fire doors. Ranging from single components to fully automatic door operators. In addition, all component parts can be combined in various ways to suit specific requirements.





Operators for Fire Protection Sliding Doors

Dictator offer a variety of protection systems for sliding doors. Depending on the dimensions and weight of the door electric supply can be either standard domestic 24 OV or 3 phase.

Operators for Hinged Fire Protection Doors

The Dictator product line also offer appropriate operators for hinged fire protection doors. Drive systems are available to suit either single or double-leaf doors.




Control Systems for Fire Door Operators

DICTATOR offer many solutions for the control of fire protection doors. Both simple and electronic systems are available depending on the location and requirements of the operator.



Semi-Automatic Fire Door Operators

Semi-automatic operators allow either a single or double-leaf door to be opened manually and subsequently closed automatically at a controlled speed. This operator offers a cost-effective solution.



Spring Rope Pulleys and Hydraulic Dampers

Spring rope pulleys and dampers for fire protection sliding doors are used either for retrofitting to previously installed doors or combined with other products to create complete installations.

Safety and Operating Devices

Dictator also offer a range of components designed for triggering the movement of fire doors. These products include key switches, pull-type switches suitable for both acoustic and optical signalling doors.