Adapt-A-Gate Closer

Adapt-A-Gate closer provides a robust closing system for most types of gates. The included mounting kit enables the unit to be bolted, clamped or welded to the gate in order to fit a wide variety of gate and post configurations. The Dictator Adapt-A-Gate "no slam" closer is the ideal pedestrian gate closing system. As the name suggests, the Dictator Adapt-A-Gate will fit most gates and transform them into quiet and most importantly, safe operating units.


Depending on the hinge configuration the Adapt-A-Gate will allow the gate to open up to 180 degrees. The heavy-duty design crucially provides maximum protection to the gate closer mechanism, concealed within a strong, box section chassis. Additionally, the galvanised gate closer chassis and post brackets ensure long-term corrosion protection.

Dictator Adapt-A-Gate closers fit to vertical bar, bow top, wrought iron, timber and most other types of gates. When producing steel gates, the gate closer can be welded to the gate. Fitting on a retrofit basis the closer simply bolts to the gate. Likewise, the same goes for the gatepost brackets.

With up to 180 degrees of opening, high corrosion resistance, along with its vandal resistant qualities, everyone appreciates this closer for its outstanding performance.

Adapt-A-Gate Closer


The Adapt-A-Gate offers robust construction, vandal and tamper resistance, flexible design for gates up to 80 Kg, 90-180 degree opening, as well as hydraulic damping and finally adjustable closing speed


The Adapt-A-Gate closer fits steel, aluminium and timber doors. Furthermore, we offer powder coat paint finishes for quantity orders. Please contact us for further details.