DICTATOR Gas Springs



Gas springs are used in many different applications, e.g. to balance the weight of flaps, hatches, windows, machine guards or any moving part which requires a counterbalance to operate or control.

Gas Springs Applications

Infinite Variations

Thanks to our flexible manufacturing approach, Dictator gas springs can be made to suit virtually any application which requires a moving object to be lifted, held open or counterbalanced.

Gas Springs Variations

Optional Extras

  • Release Valves
  • Oil Chambers
  • Modified Compression Ratios
  • Biological Oil for Food Industry Applications
  • Plus many more...
Optional Extras for Gas Springs

Calculation Service

Dictator are pleased to offer a technical calculation service to establish a suitable specification gas spring for your application.

In many cases we can supply sample gas springs for test and evaluation prior to full batch manufacture.

Calculation Service for Gas Springs

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Dictator Gas Springs are manufactured in only 5 working days

Dictator are proud to manufacture Gas Springs in the UK

Bespoke Range allows infinite variation of lengths, fittings and forces

Our range of 50N - 20,000N ensures the perfect force for your application

Our design service calculates the best gas spring for your application