Floating Piston Gas Springs


Most push type gas springs are specified with damping on the extension stroke to slow the application at end of travel and to prevent shock load being transferred though hinges and surrounding structure.

Sometimes, end of travel damping is not sufficient. In these cases we can offer gas springs with a floating piston. This option ensures that the gas spring is fully damped through the whole range of travel and will extend at a controlled and steady rate. Damping can be biased to operate on extension, compression or in both directions.

Like all Dictator gas springs, these are manufactured to suit your application. Gas spring forces and damping rates can be tailored to suit your requirements. Dictator are pleased to offer a technical calculation service to establish a suitable specification gas spring for your application.

Floating Piston Gas Springs

Dictator Gas Springs are manufactured in only 5 working days

Dictator are proud to manufacture Gas Springs in the UK

Infinite variation of lengths, end fittings and forces

50N - 20,000N  provides the perfect force for your application

Ask for our Design Service for new applications